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The smart alarm remote: power on your security with a keychain click. 

Motion detectors: Get instant smartphone alerts and trigger devices like lamps or sirens upon detection. 

Door and window alarm sensors: safeguarding your home effortlessly. Instant alerts for any unauthorized opening of your doors and windows.

Multi-mode gateway: The heart of your smart home. Seamlessly connect and control multiple devices. Create customized settings and automations.



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save maney and energy with SMART HOME

Smart homes are transforming the way we live by leveraging technology to enhance energy efficiency and save money while shaping the future of modern living. Smart homes offer compelling benefits in terms of saving money, conserving energy, promoting sustainability, and shaping the future of modern living. By leveraging technology to optimize energy usage and enhance convenience, smart homes are paving the way for a more efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly way of living. Embracing smart home solutions can be a smart choice for homeowners who are seeking to reduce their energy costs, minimize their environmental footprint, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

What do you need to create a smart home?



Free of Charge

Stable and Reliable

inter- operability

Multi-language Support


Account Features

Seamlessly access the app, no registration is required. Sign up easily using an e-mail address or mobile number. There is the possibility of creating a new account with Google and Apple ID. Take control of your Smart Home devices together with invited family, friends or colleagues.

Home Management

Share smart home access with family members or colleagues and establish member-specific access permissions. Get real-time local weather and air quality information.

Complete Home Automation

Experience one-click execution and automation, unlocking seamless smart device integration to make your life easier!

Device Management

Discover devices easily, connect with a single click. Manage devices manually or by using voice control, as well with with support for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Share devices directly with non-invited users for added convenience.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications and alerts through channels like Google Home, and manage different push notification features, including "do-not-disturb".

Home Management

See app usage FAQs. Report problems with the app. Upload user logs in the iOS or Android app to locate and troubleshoot problems.

About IoT.


IoT, or the Internet of Things, encompasses a range of technologies and applications that connect and interlink various devices, industries, and infrastructures. From Consumer IoT for smart homes to Commercial IoT for businesses, RFID for efficient tracking, Industrial IoT for optimized operations, Infrastructure IoT for smarter cities, and NFC for simplified connectivity, IoT revolutionizes the way we live, work, and interact with the world. It empowers us with seamless connectivity, personalized experiences, and enhanced efficiency, shaping a future where everything is interconnected and smart.

Consumer IoT

Unleash the smart revolution. Seamlessly connect and control a world of smart devices. Make your life easier with personalized automation and boundless possibilities. Embrace the future of smart living.

Commercial IoT

Transform housing management for property managers. Elevate hotel guest experiences. light up commercial spaces with intelligent lighting. Shape exceptional experiences for guests, residents, and clients.


Streamline inventory management with RFID tags.  Empower asset tracking in logistics and supply chain. Personalize customer experiences with RFID identification. Discover efficient operations and seamless connectivity.

Industrial IoT

Empower industrial growth. Connect and control with Industrial IoT. Enhance operations, optimize efficiency, and ensure security in manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and facility monitoring. Embrace the future of industrial connectivity and unlock new possibilities in predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and real-time data analytics.

Infrastructure IoT

Transforming infrastructure with IoT. Connect and optimize with Infrastructure IoT. Enhance efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in critical infrastructure projects and urban developments. Embrace the future of connected infrastructure for intelligent transportation systems, energy management, water management, and public safety. 


Simplify connectivity with NFC. Tap and go with Near Field Communication. Elevate user experiences in various applications such as contactless ticketing and interactive marketing campaigns. Unlock a world of possibilities with NFC technology in transportation, retail, hospitality, and beyond. revolutionizing the way we interact with everyday objects.

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